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Desert States Physical Therapy Network

Think Back Physical Therapy is proud to be a member of DSPTN, who collectively with 30 other clinics in New Mexico have contracted with many insurance companies to provide 'in-network' physical therapy services and promote private practice in the state of New Mexico

Welcome to Think Back Physical Therapy. We are dedicated to assisting in the rehabilitation of individuals who have sustained injuries or had surgery to the musculoskeletal system.  It is our goal to help these patients achieve their full potential in rehabilitation so that they may return to their maximum level of functioning.  We treat acute or chronic conditions of the spine, TMJ and extremities,  as well as some neurological and vestibular conditions.  Our very friendly and courteous staff is directed towards assisting patients to make their rehabilitation process more pleasant and less stressful.  They are also readily available to assist with the physician, rehabilitation counselor, insurance adjuster, and attorney requests for medical records.  Therapists are in regular contact with the referring physician regarding the patient's progress.  We hope you enjoy your visit here at  If you have any questions or interests, please feel free to contact us through e-mail or by calling our office at (505)883-7518.